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353 Degrees North – how it came to be

By Food for thought

Sometimes when you are so involved in a project or a process it can be hard to step outside of it and see the beauty and the magic in what you have created. My name is Clare and I work for Jodie, the incredible designer behind 353 Degrees North. I recently stayed at the villa and to say I was inspired, is an understatement. If we are lucky, we all get to stay in a beautiful hotel or villa once in our lives. And you can look around an appreciate the luxury you are in. But something about 353 Degrees North just ‘spoke’ to me. Now I’m more than aware a house can’t speak… except it can when you look around and you can see the love and careful consideration the owner and creator has put into every bespoke cushion, every antique light fitting, every curve of the wall and every angle that catches the light just so. Read More